Customer Care

Under the skilled eyes of helpful, trained professionals, our Customer Care department integrates industry best practices through channels such as social media, email, live chat and phone support. Our skills range from tracking user behavior to developing custom software for lead generation. We even provide ongoing cost analyses of all marketing efforts as a way to track ROI and fine-tune strategy.

Lots of ways to connect.

At any given moment, your next customer may be ready to contact you via phone, Facebook, online chat, email or even text messaging. You need to be ready, too. As customer care experts, we’ve developed a tightly integrated approach that leverages the power of natural authentic conversations as opposed to lifeless, script-driven responses. Our Customer Care department truly puts the integrated into Web-integrated customer experiences.

Top-shelf service pays off.

All this expertise is strategically leveraged to make cost-effective use of time and resources while providing white-glove service every step of the way. Maximizing ROI is always the goal. We deliver the ongoing metrics—and results—that prove just how much value we bring to your brand.

A workforce approach that really works.

0 % military veterans
0 % full-time employees

Such a high level of service is only possible because we enjoy an equally high level of dedication—more than 85% of our Customer Support team are military veterans, and over 95% are with us as full-time employees.


  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Filtering
  • Precision Recruiting
  • Application Processing
  • Tech Support
  • Strategic Communications
  • Chat/Phone/Text/Social Media/Email Integration

A dedicated facility built on a solid foundation.

Our Customer Care team supports client accounts 15 hours a day, 361 days a year. Since this operation was built from the ground up to handle sensitive military information, security has always played a central role. And as for your own sensitive data? Depending on specific needs, we can either store it securely or route it directly to any destination you choose.

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Better technology. Better service. Better results.

Technology is key in customer care. We offer specialized support through best-of-breed hardware and software systems. Our engagement software provides the iostudio team with dashboards that promote quality interactions across multichannel options. A scalable systems approach allows us to gracefully handle any call volume in support of our clients. Comprehensive integration coordinates online forums, SMS/text messaging and social media community management platforms.

Metrics and reporting make us all smarter.

Real-time event tracking with pinpoint accuracy gives us a decisive edge. It helps us identify emerging trends early on. Predict usage spikes and lulls. Fine-tune staffing needs. This all translates to very short wait times, which in turn lead to more positive conversations and higher conversion rates.

Create a better user experience.

Our approach allows clients to track every aspect of customer interaction via convenient customized dashboards. Beyond the basics, we help you stay current on what questions your audience asks most, site usage patterns and more. This puts you in a great position to quickly fine-tune digital content, links and the overall user experience strategy.

See what works, and why.

Our comprehensive reporting strategy helps you maximize ROI like never before while closely tracking your successes. You’ll know exactly how hard your marketing dollars are working at any given moment, both in online and traditional efforts.