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Every issue of GX features firsthand accounts of Guard missions, contributions to major historical events and incredible acts of selflessness and bravery—both on and off the battlefield. 

GX also tells the stories of Soldiers’ inspiring civilian lives as teachers, entrepreneurs, scientists, and even kickboxing champions. Life for Guard Soldiers is always action-packed.

Each issue of GX includes information to help Soldiers stay in fighting shape, learn about the latest technology and gear, find a healthy balance between military and civilian life, and gain the knowledge and resources needed to meet physical and emotional challenges.

The Guard story is deeply rooted in our country’s history, our ideals and our ongoing fight to defend freedom. It’s America’s story, and we’re proud to tell it.

“Thank you for choosing to do a story on the [Best Ranger] Competition and the Guard’s participation in it. It was pretty important to me, so I can only hope that the article will help inspire other Guard Soldiers to strive for something greater than themselves. Thank you for all that you do that helps get Guard stories out there.”

Staff sergeant, Pennsylvania National Guard