iostudio Unwavering in Commitment to Secure IT Infrastructure

iostudio has once again exceeded industry standards by obtaining the highest possible rating on its total security assessment score. 

Conducted by veteran-owned company AxiosTec, the assessment highlighted iostudio’s strengths in organizational risk management, people, processes and technology. The assessment was prompted by iostudio’s long-standing partnership in digital and video solutions with the U.S. Army National Guard, and was designed to assess the general framework recommended by the Corporate Governance Task Force.

AxiosTec’s assessment revealed “iostudio has a high awareness to security and utilizes IT practices functionality with the development and delivery of software with security awareness.”

iostudio will continue its commitment to lowering risk with enhanced training, stringent risk mitigation plans, and consistently updated policies and procedures.

“An integral piece of enterprise-level development success is a vigilant dedication to security,” said Andy Blenkle, iostudio president. “We consider receiving this rating to be as important as any creative award we have ever won.”