Professional Driver Agency (PDA)

America's Truckers needed an advocate

America’s trucking industry suffered from low retention rates and a dwindling flow of prospects. Professional Driver Agency (PDA) came to iostudio with a vision for creating a business that would reignite truck driving as a viable and satisfying career choice.

America’s truckers needed experts to negotiate career opportunities that would lead to long-lasting, mutually beneficial careers. 

Imagine sports agents for truckers.

PDA came to iostudio to turn the vision into a functional and technologically feasible reality.  After thorough discovery sessions with the client and comprehensive research into the industry, iostudio was able to help PDA bridge the gap between vision and reality.

iostudio created a custom application that utilizes machine-learning technology to match qualified drivers with their ideal trucking companies. The application uses a series of questions and algorithms that allows PDA’s agents to connect a driver with his or her ideal employment environment. 

Also, since PDA’s business model is built upon the concept of providing truckers with dedicated customer service via a dedicated call center, we incorporated software that would allow PDA to manage an inbound/outbound call center to support this need. And last but not least, we built measures into the system to provide a robust analytics report so PDA can track the progress and success of the application in real-time. 

Connecting drivers with dream jobs

Now with the new system, PDA is not only helping drivers find their dream jobs, but also changing the tide of retention issues in the trucking industry one hire at a time.

Here’s what we did to help PDA accomplish that mission:

  • Web Application Development
    & Design
  • Salesforce Administration
  • Call Center Support
  • Tech Support
  • Site Analytics