GX: The Guard Experience Magazine

If you’re a 350,000-staff organization, divided into 54 owner-operated franchises, spread out across 3,500 communities... 

How do you retain brand integrity, brand vision and a highly motivated staff?

You create a magnetic experience with a singular brand vision, strengthened by the diversity of your staff. 

The United States Army National Guard brought this challenge to iostudio in 2004. 

iostudio created GX Magazine.

Built on three core components, GX became the magnetic experience the Guard needed.

  1. Audience and client research
    iostudio embedded into the Guard culture through thousands of hours in the field, amassing a network of more than 10,000 reliable contacts at all levels: Federal, State/Territory, unit, Soldier, family, employer and supporting agencies. Continuous engagement with this audience and the client fosters an unparalleled subject matter expertise nationwide. 
  2. Audience involvement
    We activate our network to take ownership in the magazine’s content. A majority of the stories and photos are by Guard Soldiers and family members. 
  3. Audience empowerment
    Our skilled in-house editors ensure that every piece of content is functional content. By functional content, we mean content that readers can put into action, content that serves as a life coach, and content that compels readers to share it. Every article and photo in GX works toward the empowerment of Soldiers and their families to live healthier, happier lives and with a greater balance between their military and civilian lives. 



A Core Requirement

After more than a decade of publishing GX six times per year and reaching more than 215,000 Soldiers per issue, GX has become a core requirement in the Guard’s retention program. Greater than 95 percent of readers have declared year after year that GX makes them feel proud of their service in the Guard. And, GX is the Guard’s only consistent print record of its most courageous years since WWII, capturing and preserving the legacies of thousands of Guard Soldiers.