iostudio Participates in the Navy's Distinguished Visitor Embark Program


Last week, one of our iostudio VP’s had a little adventure: he participated in the Navy’s Commander Naval Air Forces Distinguished Visitor Program aboard the USS Nimitz! 

This ship has been in service since 1976, and is the Navy’s oldest (and finest!) aircraft carrier. It accommodates over 5000 crew and has been a part of missions in the oceans around the world. Read more about the USS Nimitz.

The primary purpose of the DV Embark Program is to “[place] key leaders from all sectors of society — corporate, civic, government, education, non-profit and service — aboard a deployed carrier. While aboard, embarkees meet the talented young men and women who bring these ships to life, and they experience first-hand how the Navy is contributing to the security of the United States, and to the stability of the global community.” You can read more about the DV Embark program on the Navy’s website.

We are so pleased that someone on our team was able to take part in such an extraordinary experience and to bring back the insights he gained to share with us. 

Check out some more shots of the trip below!