The keepers of the dream emerged.

Drawing on knowledge derived from more than a decade immersed in the Guard’s culture, we elevated the messaging and properties of the Guard, aiming for millennials with a message and voice that resonates. And, it was critical that all this be done with a seamless interactive experience. 

We recognized that the choice to enlist isn’t your average “purchase” decision. This decision is about a way of life and is a choice that dramatically influences the future of both the individual joining the National Guard and the nation.

We evolved, the Guard’s recruiting website, into a dynamic, interactive experience and supported it with a team of soldiers—real subject matter experts who could provide informed answers to the toughest questions via phone, text, chat and email. 

While the website serves as the primary hub for National Guard advertising, behind the curtain, we developed a comprehensive campaign-tracking tool that enables the Guard to see total return on investment from all advertising and marketing programs in real time.