Our Year's Best Posts

By: iostudio POV

Of all the big moments at iostudio this year, one of the biggest was launching our own content effort. To tackle this huge undertaking, we simply passed the microphone to some of the smartest folks in the office and let them talk. That’s where “POV” comes from—it’s our iostudian point of view. We can’t say we were surprised at what they had to say, because we’ve always known we had some smarty-pants hanging around. But we sure were excited to share some of their ideas with the world.

Here are some of the posts we loved the most:

Stop Gambling with Your Brand

We often refer to Bob Weaver as our favorite salty vet, but talk to him and you’ll find one of the smartest customer-centric managers we’ve ever had. Here, he lays out the risk of putting your brand in the hands of untrained customer service reps and then gives you a 5-step program for building a customer-first training plan.

Instagram Story Success

Some of our favorite posts highlighted projects that we learned a lot from. Here, Marc Acton shares some insights into the Instagram Story, a still-emerging content type that he nailed this year (his story for the National Guard increased their reach by 21% and Direct Messages by almost 10 times).

Stop Making Ads, Start Telling Stories

Zack Wilson has turned our video department into a consistent producer of rock-star content. Clients love him. More importantly, they also keep hiring him. Here, he gives us one of his secrets why—it’s a look behind the velvet curtain at how he’s crafted some of iostudio’s most successful work over the last decade.

Project’s Complete! Now What?

There are a million articles in the interwebs about how to complete creative projects. But, what happens next? In this, one of our most-read articles all year, Christian Anderson gives his best advice for how to tackle that question in five easy steps.

Want to Convert Customers? Educate Them.

At iostudio, we've seen tech come and go and content trends change like the weather, but there are a few themes that have remained constant over the years. One of those themes is an appreciation of the importance of educating your customers. For this post, our VP of Marketing and Business Development identified three steps to figuring out where and how to use this principle to boost your conversions.

Holiday Photos from a War Zone

We think it’s awesome that one of our most successful posts all year is more people-focused than business-focused. It reflects what we’re building here at iostudio: a place where people are valued over things and where relationships mean more than just a filled desk chair or an extra creative competency to add to our corporate resume. This post is also a great way to wrap up our POV year, with a reminder of what’s really important to us.

Happy Holidays from iostudio. May next year be your best ever! We expect it to be ours, too. Hope we get to spend some of it with you!