Customer Engagement

When you invest in marketing and advertising, you invite your audience into your brand experience. Therefore, the contact center receiving them must meet those expectations. We ensure your brand experience is designed to blend with your audience’s habits and deliver on all relevant communication channels in an integrated platform. Further, we ensure one-call resolution.

Stemming from our functional content marketing strategy, we ensure that the audience’s interaction with your brand is enriching and actionable—and carefully guided by subject matter experts.



Lead Generation & Filtering

It's not about finding customers. It's about finding the right customers. We separate the window shoppers from the where-do-I-signs.

Precision Recruiting

Some recruits are a little more high maintenance than others. We love those recruits! And we love hiring them. Doctors, military chaplains, pilots—we're great at talking to the kind of people that are hard to find, but great to have when you need them.

Application Processing

When you're hiring a lot of people, you need accuracy and efficiency. Well, accuracy is our middle name. Can you guess our last? Trick question—it's actually hyphenated: Efficiency-Awesome. We couldn't choose between the two.

Tech Support

Whatever we build for you—app, website, call center, high profit margin—we'll be whenever you need us. 

Cross-Channel Integration

Cross-channel integration combines our two loves: content and efficiency.

Data & Analytics

Ok, we admit it, we have three loves: content, efficiency, and numbers. What can we say? We love a lot of things.

Subject Matter Expert Staffing

70% of our National Guard call center staff are current or former Guard members. If that doesn't prove our commitment to subject matter expert staffing, we don't know what will. If you want to know how successful they are, call 1-800-GO-GUARD and try not to be recruited. We dare you.

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The Challenge

The Navy is required to annually maintain more than 300,000 sailors. Managing more than 200 inbound inquiries and 1,000 outbound calls per day, the Navy’s official recruitment contact center needed a partner to put efficiency in focus and deliver higher qualified recruitment leads at greater speed to Navy recruiters.

Our Solution

Drawing on our depth of experience with process improvement, we implemented innovative solutions that went beyond traditional contact center scripts to deliver meaningful engagements. As a result, successful contract leads spiked greater than 5 percent in the first year. With a spotlight on specialty recruiting, we transformed chaplain recruitment by staffing highly trained subject matter experts, we delivered nearly four times the target quota for qualified candidates.


iostudio Delivered

  • Inbound contact center management and staffing
  • Outbound contact center management and staffing
  • Resume-mining
  • Specialty recruitment strategy and modeling
  • Data collection, reporting and analysis
  • Information systems

The Challenge

McKesson sought to engage military veterans, to show them that their company offers viable careers where veterans can directly apply their military skills. McKesson required a tool to bring that engagement into tangible reality for their target audience.

Our Solution

With a firm understanding of the challenges faced by transitioning veterans, our subject matter expertise enabled us to envision a web application to match military occupations into McKesson careers. Leveraging our award-winning interactive development and UX/UI design expertise, we crafted an engaging, mobile-friendly tool to match military occupations to relevant McKesson careers.


iostudio Delivered

  • McKesson Military Skills Translator web application
  • Interactive design and development
  • Copywriting/editing

The Challenge

The Army National Guard’s recruiting contact center receives more than 500 inbound inquiries each day. Calls, emails, mobile chats and forum questions come in from interested individuals, parents, spouses, current service members, community members and community leaders. The Guard required a contact center that could maintain the Guard’s brand position as a community-focused service, while driving the recruiting pipeline.

Our Solution

iostudio introduced and developed the subject matter expert model to the Guard in 2007. For more than a decade, we have staffed current and former Guard soldiers as contact center operators. The experience of this team—augmented by HIPAA, Information Awareness and enlistment-specific training—enables each operator to provide one-call resolution to each inquiry. Going a step further, we developed tiers of prequalification and motivation to better notate the readiness of each recruiting lead, and secure processes to deliver insightful and actionable information to the Guard recruiters in real time. The result is an industry-leading conversion rate of inquiries to recruiting leads, exceeding 30 percent on average.


iostudio Delivered

  • Contact center management and staffing
  • Contact center operations and equipment
  • Quality assurance management
  • Interactive design and development
  • Data and analytics