Branded Military and Veteran Recruitment

UPS is committed to recruiting 50,000 military and veteran employees by the end of 2018 as part of the Obama Administration’s Joining Forces Initiative. The challenge: Many major brands are aggressively seeking the same audience. UPS’ promote-from-within culture aligns perfectly with military values, but, like in the military, most employees start at the bottom. The majority of UPS employees begin in a part-time position. In order to achieve its goals, The UPS Workforce Planning department engaged iostudio and partner agency Pathways 2 Solutions (PW2S) to develop a recruiting platform to elevate its brand above other large companies focused on veteran hiring.


Communications Strengthened by Subject Matter Expertise


iostudio/PW2S presented a comprehensive strategy that streamlined and strengthened the brand’s veteran hiring and recruitment efforts. Two integral pieces are the UPS Veteran Career Gateway and the UPS Transition Guide App. The Gateway is a Website designed to educate Veterans on the career opportunities available at UPS, inform them about UPS military-friendly culture, coach them on how to best represent their military experience and guide them in best practices for seeking employment. In addition to robust written content and interactive tools, the site contains powerful videos, shot and produced by iostudio/PW2S, illustrating the UPS commitment to the military. The complementary UPS-branded Native Application provides transition assistance resources, checklist items and milestone content based on the user’s transition date.


iostudio/PW2S Provided:

Branding - Content development - Video production - User experience consulting - Web site design & development
Interactive web application - Mobile application - Production design and layout - Media Planning - Outreach

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